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EZLOGZ Announces the Partnership with Drivewyze

December 5, 2023

Partner to bring weigh station bypass and in-cab safety alerts to EZLOGZ ELD customers

United States, 3/31/2023 – EZLOGZ continues to grow its customer service offerings. EZLOGZ is announcing the partnership with Drivewyze Inc., operator of North America’s largest public-private weigh station bypass network. As a result, our customers get new ways to keep the drivers safe and freight on the move.

Drivewyze PreClear

EZLOGZ customers can now take advantage of time and operating cost savings associated with bypassing weigh stations by activating the Drivewyze PreClear app through their EZLOGZ ELD. Drivewyze PreClear can be activated in minutes since no transponders are required. Drivewyze transmits safety scores, registration, and tax compliance information to the weigh station, which then calculates the data against the bypass criteria established by its state or province.

If the carrier and vehicle pass the criteria, the driver receives permission to bypass the site at one mile out. The better the fleet’s safety score, the more bypasses are typically granted. EZLOGZ customers can receive the weigh station bypass service at over 840 sites across 45 states and provinces. The Drivewyze Safety Notifications service alerts drivers to upcoming high rollover areas and low bridges. As a result, the drivers can avoid weigh station delays, deliver their loads on time and get home safely.


Improving Road Safety

All PreClear subscriptions include Drivewyze’s Safety Notifications service at no additional charge. These in-cab alerts notify drivers of upcoming high-risk areas such as high rollover zones, low bridges, and mountain corridors, as well as notify drivers of the open/closed status of upcoming truck parking sites, allowing them to take appropriate action.

Saving Time & Money

Bypassing weigh stations means your fleet can stay on the mainline, keeping your drivers happy while saving drive time and fuel costs. PreClear is a software service available on your EZLOGZ ELD App, so no additional hardware or transponders are required.

Eliminating In-Cab Hassles

Drivewyze is a hands-free service compliant with FMCSA and state distracted driving laws. Automated audible & visual commands will alert you, so there’s no need for driver interaction.


Ezlogz customers can also access Drivewyze Safety+, which provides drivers with real-time weather alerts, in-cab safety alerts for upcoming dangerous curves, low bridges, high-speeding citation areas, and more. Developed in collaboration with local, state, and national transportation and safety agencies, these notifications are carefully curated to ensure your drivers receive alerts when they matter.

Custom Alerts make it easy to create additional in-cab, location-based notifications unique to your fleet, informing drivers when they are approaching risky areas or locations with specific safety protocols. Monitor behavior and identify coaching opportunities with fleet-wide and vehicle-specific reporting at each zone – whether it’s curated by Drivewyze or custom-made. 

EZLOGZ provides customers access to many services that can benefit their fleet operations. Learn more about how to activate the Drivewyze PreClear in two steps here.

About Drivewyze Inc.:

Drivewyze Inc. is a leader in the transportation technology industry that builds innovative solutions for commercial vehicle fleets, drivers, and transportation infrastructure owners and operators. Drivewyze delivers best-in-class in-cab services to commercial truck fleets and drivers, like Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service and Drivewyze Safety+ proactive safety alerts. Drivewyze infrastructure services provide solutions to state agencies, including Smart Roadside commercial vehicle enforcement (CVE) electronic screening, Central Park truck parking management, and Smart Roadways connected truck solutions. To learn more about Drivewyze, visit the page.

About Drivewyze Inc.

About Ezlogz:

Ezlogz is a U.S.-based, FMCSA-certified, all-in-one fleet management, ELD & asset tracking solution with innovative technical solutions servicing thousands of our satisfied clients: small to large fleets, owner-operators, and drivers. Founded in Vancouver Washington in 2014, Ezlogz is a leader in the industry for ELD and offers GPS solutions, Dash Cameras, Free Load Board, and more. Recognized as one of the top 20 most promising Blockchain technology solution providers by CIO magazine in 2018, Ezlogz is the first ELD company to offer products on blockchain technology, providing a tamper-free ELD with secure and immutable data on a decentralized network. To learn more about Ezlogz, visit the page.

About Ezlogz

The EZLOGZ team takes care of your logistics security using ELD, dash cams for trucks, and load boards. We invent products that make it much easier to address your truck fleet’s profitability, safety, and performance. Our solutions create a synergy between software that uses the advantages of artificial intelligence and the gadgets of the Internet of Things. All this makes it much easier to track the movement of trucks and equipment, manage related finances, vehicle maintenance, and more. EZLOGZ products were downloaded more than 150 thousand times, and more than 10 thousand people in various fields currently use our services: delivery, food and beverage, passenger transit, construction, state & local government, agriculture, field service, trucking, and logistics, et cetera. Visit to learn more about our products and buy ELD.


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About our Solutions

ELD devices revolutionize truck operations by automatically recording driver data for FMCSA compliance, offering real-time GPS tracking, and optimizing fuel consumption, all integrated to enhance efficiency and safety.
GPS fleet tracking system offers real-time vehicle data, streamlining operations, trimming costs, and ensuring safety. Its advanced asset tracking device aids in precise management, provides theft protection, and eliminates operational guesswork.
EzDashCams ELD
The EZLOGZ Dashcam, designed specifically for trucks, offers superior video quality, ensuring safety and legal protection on the road. With features like advanced design, dynamic light adaptation, accident detection, and unwavering reliability, it is an indispensable tool for truck drivers.
Load Board ELD
EZ-GPS is an asset tracking system with an intuitive feature that enables you to track any asset anywhere. This highly durable and reliable GPS tracker provides exceptional truck navigation.


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