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Fleet Dashcam

December 6, 2023

How to choose the best fleet dashcam?

A fleet dashcam is a video device that is usually installed on the vehicle dashboard. It is designed to record all events that occur in front of the vehicle.

It can also record events in the cab of a car, truck, or bus.

Best Fleet Dashcam for Truckers, Fleet Owners, and Solo Drivers

The fleet dash camera easily attaches to the dashboard and connects with a USB cable. This provides automatic tuning and power. Some fleet dash cameras can connect using Bluetooth, but they are not as reliable as the connection may be lost.

Today in the trucking industry fleet dashcams are gaining more and more popularity. This device offers many benefits to drivers.

The main one is improving road safety. If you are interested in what is the best fleet dashcam and how to choose it, read below.

Choose the Best — Buy Dashcam for Fleets’ Safety

A road camcorder can become an indispensable tool for both large fleet owners and owner-operators. Dashcam for fleets positively affects road safety and brings many benefits to the business, as it often helps avoid unnecessary costs.

With the help of a fleet dashcam, truck drivers can protect themselves from false insurance claims, as a result of which they need to pay monetary compensation. In such cases, the fleet dash camera becomes a reliable witness to all events, so if the driver is innocent, it is impossible to bring him to justice. But apart from this, the devices help to significantly improve the behavior of drivers. For this purpose, it is better to choose the appropriate type of fleet dash camera — a dual one. Such DVRs record not only the view ahead, but also what is happening in the cockpit. This allows fleet owners to monitor the driver’s work, prevent unsafe driving, and improve duty performance.

Depending on the needs of the user, it may have more or fewer functions. Although, if we talk about a high-quality fleet dashcam, the best options should have a number of mandatory technical features:

  • High definition and quality video that allows you to see the smallest details of the picture.
  • Recording the date and time, which is important when providing evidence of the driver’s innocence, for example, in an accident.
  • A powerful battery or powered by an engine so that the devices do not turn off at the most inopportune moment.
  • Storing information in the cloud makes it possible for back-end office workers and other users to access records at any time

Best Fleet Dashcam Reviews — What is Important for Users?

The most proven way to understand the best fleet dashcam is to read reviews from drivers who have been successfully using video devices for some time. By analyzing the many comments under the various cameras, it is possible to highlight features and functions that are especially important to truck drivers.

Artificial intelligence

This feature significantly improves road safety. It is capable of detecting dangerous driving. For example, sharp turns, the dangerous position of truck navigation relative to other vehicles, road hazards, identifying road signs and their meaning, speed limits, etc.

Simple interface

Many drivers noted that it was important that only the most necessary information was displayed on the screen, there were no distractions. In addition, the camera should be easy to turn on.

360-degree view

This feature is optional but desirable as it avoids blind spots. These are situations when the driver cannot physically see the whole situation on the road due to the size of the truck or bus.

SOS emergency function

With vehicle tracking and artificial intelligence, the best GPS dashcam is capable of automatically sending distress signals to management in emergency situations.

Why Do You Need the Best Dashcam for the Fleet?

If you work as a truck driver or own a commercial vehicle fleet, you certainly need a fleet dashcam. With the help of a video device, you can monitor all accidents involving your transport, even while far from the scene. If the manufacturer provides the best GPS with the fleet dashcam, events can be monitored in real-time. Also, due to this function, the time, date, and location of the accident can be seen on the records, which is useful for providing evidence in the future.

The number of complaints and false claims is significantly reduced because the device is a reliable witness to traffic events. This way you can protect yourself and your employees. Also, fleet dashcams can speed up the process of obtaining insurance payouts. Fleet owners can monitor employee integrity, improve roadside behavior, and improve road safety.

When You Can Call Dashcam to Be the Best — Buy Device from EZLOGZ

If you are tired of looking for a good camera for your truck maps, EZLOGZ has a great deal for you. EzSmartCam is a high-tech video camera that has all the necessary functions. The device records high-definition video, captures every inch of the road and stores video in a limitless cloud. The fleet dashcam is equipped with artificial intelligence and computer vision protects the driver from dangerous situations on the road and sends a record to the management in case of an accident.

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