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How do Freight Brokers Find Loads?

December 6, 2023

Where do brokers bid on freight, how to get trucking contracts, how to find a freight broker, and how much does an owner-operator make?

Transportation and logistics are the blood circulation system of any economy. Organizations employed in these sectors are responsible for uninterrupted continuity of supply flows.

They ceaselessly carry commodities of all kinds that customers need – from foodstuffs and furniture to raw materials and industrial equipment, delivering them to the world’s remotest corners.

How Freight Brokers Find Shippers

This business is an extremely lucrative niche for small and medium companies that possess a moderate-size car fleet but are eager to oblige their clients and carve their share of the revenue pie the industry has in store for them.

The major challenge for such shippers is finding a freight broker, people, and organizations with loads to transport. And this is where freight brokers step in. So how do freight brokers find shippers? On the other hand, finding shippers as freight brokers is an interesting challenge.

While it is essential for carriers to focus on the hauling process, freight brokerages’ main task is connecting them to loads. How do they do that?

Let the Load Hunt Begin

There are several effective methods for freight brokers to find loads that shippers can carry.

Googling it

How do freight brokers find shippers? This is what most people start with. Search engines will provide you with tons of intelligence about potential customers including the size and type of business they are engaged in, the roster of their products, and – notably – contact information. There you can find out how much a freight broker makes per load. Moreover, by leveraging street-view or even satellite options you will be able to get valuable insights into the specifics of the company’s infrastructure. Having a look at the availability of a spacious loading dock and a parking lot or the nature of the alleyway access will help you enhance the efficiency of future hauling services.

Addressing Load Boards

One more tactic is how freight brokers find loads. This method significantly narrows your search scope, allowing you to zoom in on specialized websites related to transportation services. Here, loads to be moved are offered with the indication of purview and lanes to carry them so that stakeholders could bid on them. In case you propose more competitive terms, you can cinch the deal over other bidders. By subscribing to such boards you will be able to be permanently in the know of the latest developments and offers in the domain.

Perusing USDA Business Listings

These are a godsend for American freight brokers, serving as a source of relevant data on US-based agricultural and food manufacturing enterprises. Search tools provided by this platform provide access to the comprehensive dossiers containing the type of wares produced by farms and factories as well as coal-and-ice shipping data (such as delivery options and shipment destinations).

Making Use of Referrals

Since being in business for quite a time, brokers have acquired a solid customer base. Don’t be shy to ask satisfied clients to recommend you to other carriers and cargo senders. The latter are more likely to hold their colleagues’ opinions in esteem than anybody else’s – especially an imposing suitor’s.

Leveraging Conventional Marketing Techniques

Freight brokering isn’t much different from B2B ventures of other industries that know how to get freight broker leads and attract potential clients via targeted campaigns. It means going to all lengths to reach out to organizations that have loads to carry in order to get them interested in your services. The solution to the problem looks like how freight brokers find loads.

The gamut of means to build rapport with prospective customers is quite broad – from sending personalized or cold emails and placing online ads to cold/warm calls and social media marketing. The latter is to be approached with special care since not all social networks are suitable venues for finding clients. For instance, Facebook and Instagram are more about freight broker memes and fun so leave them alone but go for LinkedIn instead. Yet, whatever marketing channels you will utilize, it is vital to supply your messages with contact information and quotes.

Summing it up

Freight brokers are an essential cog in the contemporary logistic machinery that links principal agents of the industry and serves as a greasing to let the entire mechanism run smoothly without a hiatus. So how do freight brokers find loads and how do freight brokers find shippers? Employing both traditional and offbeat searching tactics, brokers can radically broaden their customer base and supply shippers with a steady stream of orders from organizations in need of delivery services.

And what can add efficiency to any transportation endeavors is fleet management software that is sure to facilitate and streamline all efforts aimed at non-stop and problem-free delivery of products to end consumers.

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