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School Bus Fleet Management

December 5, 2023

How to reform the school bus fleets optimally

After reading this blog post, you can upgrade school bus fleet management effectively. You will improve safety with the school bus fleet management system and extend the service life of your vehicles.

We will demonstrate the school bus fleet tracking feature and tell about the functions of the school bus fleet management software.

How to Upgrade School Bus Fleet Management Effectively

To operate a school bus fleet, you need to understand that we are talking about transporting children. Therefore, it is necessary to consider many factors related to their safety. What is important to manage such a school bus fleet and what functions should the auxiliary equipment have, read in the following article.

Improve Safety with School Bus Fleet Management System

Modern technological solutions for school bus management greatly simplify the work of fleet managers. Indeed, with their help, all elogs related to the vehicle and its little passengers are available on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop screen through school bus maintenance software. School buses are equipped with special sensors that collect information and upload it to the cloud. Then the owner can view the information from the storage anytime and anywhere. The data obtained helps to optimize the work related to school fleet management. The school bus tracking system also significantly improves the safety of school children when traveling.

With hardware and software, you are always aware of where your school buses are. If an accident happens, you will quickly send the necessary assistance to the location of the bus. In case of transport delays on the way, you can promptly deal with the situation and provide parents with up-to-date information.

Extend the Service Life of your Vehicles

The school bus management system can help keep your fleet in good condition. It is important to remember that school buses do not tolerate delays as students must follow a specific timetable for attending classes. It means that the transport also necessarily runs according to the established schedule. Therefore, they must always be in working order.

With the fleet management system, you can set up notifications for regular school bus maintenance software inspections. Preventing damage is cheaper and easier than repairing. The school bus fleet management app can also view audit reports. The manufacturer often provides free usage of such software if you install its hardware too.

School Bus Fleet Tracking Feature

GPS tracking is one of the most critical functions of school bus fleet management. With its help, you can track the route of the vehicle. You see all stops and delays. Information about traffic jams and the nearest points of interest is available. Also, you can plan the most optimal routes.

Improve fuel efficiency with GPS tracking. Monitor your fuel consumption and view IFTA reports. You will be able to create the best routes that require fewer costs. Thus, you can spend less and significantly save your budget. In addition, you no longer need to collect paper receipts, which are very easy to lose. The necessary documents can be stored in the cloud.

With the help of school bus fleet management software, you can track whether all students have boarded the bus. And also see if someone missed their stop. In which case, you can quickly provide information about the child to his parents or school administration.

Functions of the School Bus Fleet Management Software

School bus fleet management software allows you to manage all vehicles from one platform. Many companies manufacture hardware and applications. Knowing how to choose the best school bus maintenance software based on the features is essential.

  • Notifications. You can set up various notifications based on your needs on your ELD: about stops, technical inspections, route changes, and more. School bus maintenance software can provide it all.
  • Trip planner. If you do school bus fleet management daily you can monitor the map and the movement of the school bus on your electronic logbook, phone, or tablet screen. You can also plan your route by taking into account traffic factors and using school bus maintenance software.
  • Chat. Answer the school bus fleet management questions to the support team, keep in touch with drivers, and communicate with students’ parents.
  • Data management tool. View the documents you need right on your smartphone screen. Store reports in the cloud, create folders and sort records for maximum convenience.
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